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MedView Papers - Get Ahead

We offer weekly 1.5 hour classes that aim to give you an extra edge by essentially saving you time and we provide free mentorship groups (with every season pass).


Our classes in CHEM 110, BIOSCI 107, POPHLTH 111, MEDSCI 142 will be highly useful, practical and even entertaining – taught by our superstar teachers and just a few minutes from the quad!

Interested? Your first class is always free (excludes test/exam reviews).

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MedView Free Symposium Series

Medview will be holding free Symposiums each month for those who are considering applying for Medicine.

You will meet medical students and hear them discuss interesting and controversial topics. Take the opportunity and ask us the questions where you need answers.

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For all your medical interview preparation needs

Medview's Medical Interview Prep: Auckland MMI Edition will take you systematically all through the 3 Ps of effective and efficient medical interview preparation: Preparation, Practice and Performance. It is comprehensive and filled with tips and tools to help you ace your interview and get into medicine!

The 2016 9th edition is totally re-written for the Auckland MMI!

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MedView Workshop 2016

"Full-on, hands-on and fun interview training"

The Medview team has designed a highly practical workshop course spanning 2 days with 10 hours of engaging content taught by our best tutors.

You will learn step-by-step using our workbook to tackle the: MHO3 form, why do you want to do medicine, non-verbal behaviour, challenging questions, and.... more!

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