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Get a head start in Semester 1 2017 with Medview.

A Flying Start.

Each year a huge number of students apply for Medical School at Auckland University and only a small fraction of those applied get accepted.

This seems like a huge hurdle to overcome however, in reality having someone to show you the ropes will make this process so much easier and less stressful. We are here to help.

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Why take this course?

In second semester, there is only one core paper – MedSci 142. However, not only is it the most intense and in depth core paper you do in first year, it is also the most relevant to the medical field and so it’s definitely a paper that you want to do your best in! Many students struggle with the breadth and depth of content and keeping up the pace is difficult! Make sure this doesn’t happen to you. MedView’s Flying start course will get you well ahead in coursework before Semester 2 starts so you’ll walk into your lectures just for revision!

About Medview Flying Start Course

  • We will be running the MedSci 142 Flying Start Courses for Students in Auckland.
  • Our course is a private, intensive and interactive lesson programme specifically designed to get you ahead and prepared. The course is designed so when you start lectures- you'll use them for revision, rather than learning vast amounts of new content for the first time.
  • There will also be high quality homework worksheets as well as regular, interactive tests to make sure that you are prepared to sit your first MedSci test.

Why us? Our tutors are very experienced at teaching and are current medical students at the University of Auckland . They have each achieved an A+ in their respective subjects, each with 95%+ and/or top of the class in their subject.

·       This is an intensive course with limited spaces. If you are a student who is eager and determined to do well by preparing early for Semester 2, this course is perfect for you.


What our Flying Start Course includes:



24 full hours of lessons, with 20 for lecture content and a further 4 for labs. At each lesson, you will be given high quality homework worksheets which cover common testable material will be given with full explanations in class after completion.


You will be taught content up to your first test. We filter out exactly what you need to know for exams- saving you time and letting you know exactly what you need and don't need to learn. A+ is important and we want you to excel far faster than anyone else.

The Tutors

Mr Jonathan Sheu [Lecture Content]

Jonathan is a fourth year student at the University of Auckland who entered medical school in 2015. He is currently taking a year to do research as part of the Bachelor of Medical Science (Honours), and will return to complete his medical degree after this. He graduated from Rangitoto College in 2013 and was a Deputy Head Boy who led many other school groups, including Amnesty International, Chinese Night committee and Alzheimers support group. Jonathan was heavily involved in event management. He initiated and coordinated a Shave for a Cure event at Rangitoto College, raising nearly $3000 in funding for leukaemia patients. He achieved a Grade 8 with Distinction in the piano and has been involved in chamber and choir music. Jonathan was a New Zealand delegate for the ANZAAS conference, travelling to Australia on a scholarship from the Royal Society of New Zealand. He was awarded the University of Auckland Scholarship in 2013, and the Postgraduate Honours Scholarship in 2016. Jonathan received top in paper for Medsci142, Biosci106 and Poplhlth111 in first year, and is a Medview Alumnus. Outside of his medical studies, he is passionate about history, science, animals and current affairs.

Ms Sarah Benfell [Laboratory Content]

Sarah grew up in central Auckland and is a second year medical student. She obtained a scholarship to attend King’s College and was a prefect in her final year. During her time at King’s, Sarah took Cambridge examinations and received Top in the World for Physical Education. Sarah was a member of the first XI hockey team and represented her school in the Rosemary O’brien Cup tournament. She is passionate about acting and performing and after nine years of training and hard work, she obtained a diploma in Speech and Drama. She has also had various lead roles in school musicals and drama productions. During her first year of biomedical science, she gained a perfect core GPA of 9.0. Sarah enjoys exercising, listening to music and socializing in her free time. Sarah has plenty of previous experience in tutoring and is looking forward to meeting and helping you through first year. Sarah is a MedView Alumnus.



UUNZ Tower, 76-78 Symonds Street, Auckland Central


Flying Start will be held from 5th - 12th July 2017

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