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MMI Interview workshop

Laying the foundations

The Auckland Medical interview is worth 25% of Medical entrance criteria, but many people do not spend one quarter of their year preparing for it!

From past experience, we know that the earlier you prepare for the MMI, the better. We will ensure that your will run smoothly - in fact, it may end up being one of the best conversations that you have in your lifetime!

I'm Interested !

About the MedView MMI Interview Workshop

Our extremely popular Medview Symposium series demonstrated our innovative thinking. Our book "Medical Interview Prep" gave you a systematic method to approach the interview. But some students ask:

  • What is the best way to present your application form?
  • Why do you really want to do medicine? Where do you start?
  • How much do you need to know about the Treaty of Waitangi?
  • PHOs? DHBs? WHO? WTH?
  • If you were left in the outback with a piece of chocolate, a torch and foil – what would you do?
  • How can I improve my communication skills?

In this workshop custom tailored for the MMI we go over, step-by-step how you can answer these questions, how to gain all the requisite skills in becoming a doctor and more. We are about details and no fluff. The teaching will be based on a complimentary, high-quality Medview Workbook - just like your lecture notes for you to jot down notes, read our practical tips and for you to answer "homework" questions.

The Modules

Our workshop is divided into 6 one hour module corresponding different MMI modules, a 2 hour intensive for the acting station, and a 2 hour practical module converting your theory to practice

  • Awareness of profession - why do you want to do medicine?
    • This module will help you answer this often difficult but extremely common interview question in a way that makes your answer interesting, honest and effective. We will also give you an inside glimpse at the life of a doctor and how relevant this is to the interview.
  • Speaking Like a Doctor - Key verbal and non-verbal communication skills
    • One of the most important aspects of the interview is not what you say but how you say it. This module develops key verbal and non-verbal communication skills that you need to stand out.
  • Self awareness and Management/ Leadership skills - Your Personal Profile
    • Often questions about yourself can be the hardest to answer, but they are also among the most important for the interviewers in getting to know who you really are. In this module, we will go through some strategies to prepare for answering questions about yourself, while also practicing answering these questions. This module will also look into key skills required to manage situations and lead, and look at the best way to demonstrate these to an interviewer in a MMI format.
  • Moral and ethical judgement
    • This module will examine strategies behind answering difficult ethical scenarios in the interview context, giving you a framework to work through any ethical issue to answer these questions with maturity and depth.
  • Cultural Awareness- Ethnicity and the interview
    • This module looks at the interaction between ethnicity and health, in particular, focusing on the Treaty of Waitangi and racial inequalities. Ethnicity plays a significant role in medicine in New Zealand and the interview. This module is all about addressing questions around topics such as the treaty, which many students fear in the interview.
  • The New Zealand Health System and Policies
    • This module will get you up to date on health issues, policy and current events and give you a framework to answering difficult questions on these hot topics.
  • The Acting Station
    • A 2 hour intensive designed to prepare you for the infamous acting station of the MMI, which often trips up even the best prepared students.
  • The Interview in Practice
    • We put everything you learnt in the workshop together and convert your theory to practice. Students are broken into groups of 3-4, and then work closely with one of the tutors, practising interview questions and receiving individualised feedback. This session runs for two hours, also giving plenty of time for students to ask the tutors any specific questions about concepts or medicine in general.

Our workshops are:



The workshop will be taught in small groups (maximum 16 students each class) because we know you learn best when you are engaged with the material. We will make the class interactive. You will participate. You will have fun. That is our promise: "full-on, hands-on and fun."


Accept no compromise. Our course is unique because we think deeply about what is useful for you and the course is run by the same friendly team of medical students that you met in the symposiums. We have all been through the same process and we know exactly what it is like preparing for the interview.


Preparing for the interview by yourself takes time and energy. Let us save you time and teach you how to do it better and more effectively.

The Medview workshop is extremely beneficial. It has equipped me with many skills and resources for extra preparation that I know will assist me in my interview!

- Emma [ 2nd Year MBChB ]

They taught me so many valuable skills with a focus on individuality and helped me to understand what it is like to be faced with those tough questions, and gave me the tools to form the best answer for me.

- Jack [ 2nd Year MBChB ]

The Tutors

Jonathan Sheu

Jonathan graduated from Rangitoto College in 2013. He is a former Deputy Head Boy who led many other school groups, including Amnesty International, Chinese Night committee and Alzheimer’s support group. Jonathan was heavily involved in event management. He initiated and coordinated a Shave for a Cure event at Rangitoto College, raising nearly $3000 in funding for leukaemia patients. He achieved a Grade 8 with Distinction in the piano and has been involved in chamber and choir music. Jonathan was a New Zealand delegate for the ANZAAS conference, travelling to Australia on a scholarship from the Royal Society of New Zealand. Jonathan is a 4th year honours medical student at the University of Auckland who was awarded the University of Auckland scholarship. He loves history, science, animals and current affairs. Jonathan is a Medview Alumnus.

Harrison Kay

Growing up on the North Shore of Auckland, Harrison Kay graduated from Westlake Boys’ High School where he was active in sports and tutoring fellow students. During his time at Westlake he represented the school in rowing, football and volleyball, whilst more recently he has become a passionate runner, completing a marathon, several half marathons and trail races. He is now a 5th year medical student at Auckland University and keeps busy as one of the social representatives for the Auckland University Medical Students Association. He enjoys the outdoors, films and house music. He is enthusiastic to help students prepare for the new MMI style of the Auckland interviews and is looking forward to teaching you all in a fun and friendly classroom environment. Harrison is a Medview Alumnus.

Oli Lyons

Oli is a 4th year medical student. He grew up in Dunedin, before moving up to Auckland to pursue music, spending the remaining two years of high school at Saint Kentigern College, graduating in 2012. He took a gap year before beginning his journey into medical school, obtaining tremendous life experience from full-time work and travel. After struggling through his pre-med year, he managed to obtain a perfect score in his MMI. This is Oli’s third year as a medview tutor and looks forward to teaching you the key skills and strategies for the MMI in an entertaining fashion. Oli is a Medview Alumnus.

The Details


UUNZ Tower, 76-78 Symonds St, Auckland


Prices start from just $25/hr!

Multiple Mini Interview Workshop

Dates: Workshops take place over 2 days, with our first streams being September 2-3, 9-10, and 16-17. Mocks take place over half a day, later in November. Streams available first-in first-serve.


Day 1: 9:00am - 4:00pm

Day 2: 10:00am - 3:00pm

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