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At Auckland University, 60% of your medical entrance score comes from the 4 core papers. You will need around an A+/A average to be competitive. We offer weekly classes that aim to give you an extra edge by essentially saving you time.

Our weekly classes will be highly useful, practical and even entertaining – taught by our superstar teachers and just a few minutes from University! Last year alone, MedView had a record breaking 82 students that were accepted into Auckland Medical School for 2017.

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About Medview Papers

MedView is New Zealand's largest and leading personalised education organisation for students aspiring for medical school. A service for future medical students- by current medical students and doctors passionate in helping students achieve their academic potential and dreams

Your time is precious ! - That is why we try and distil the absolute most high-yield, practical and useful teaching into weekly 2.0 hour classes (+ 30 minutes Q+A) that will help improve the efficiency of your study. No fillers or fluff (unlike some of our competitors!).

Your SuperStar teachers are all A+ recently admitted medical students who will give you all their inside knowledge and will even make each class interesting and fun!.


It’s been super helpful. A great way of showing/telling us what’s expected of us. I honestly don’t think I would have gotten an A+ in Biosci 107 without attending MedView's lessons.

- Oli Lyons, accepted into Auckland Medical School

I’ve found these classes really helpful! I really liked the separate tutorial for the lab. Overall, it’s been great, it has really helped me learn more efficiently and I wish I came for lessons last semester!

- Clare Wu, accepted into Auckland Medical School

What we teach:



We teach what you actually need to learn. There are many topics that are difficult to master but you actually do not need to know or hardly come up in the exam. Don't waste your time; learn what you actually need to know.


We emphasize the important topics. Conversely, there are certain concepts or skills that you absolutely need to master. We will tell you about them and (if needed) teach you. Remember – our job is to make your study efficient.


Sometimes you can understand singular concepts but fail to integrate them. Integration alone elevates your understanding from theory to practice.

You are in luck – integration is our specialty.


Master the difficult concepts. We will explain the thorny, convoluted and complicated topics and break them down into its absolute essentials.

We believe simple is beautiful.


You will be well supported with a facebook page to ask questions and allocated office hours to talk personally to the teachers.

plus - a weekly problem set to stimulate your thinking !

The Details


Level 2 UUNZ Building, 76-78 Symonds Street, Auckland City. Just a few minutes from the quad.

Season Pass

For each paper we offer a special Season Pass™ package where you can save 20% off the normal class fee.

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Interested? Just drop into any one of our tutorials - your first tutorial is always free!


The classes have been fantastic,the tutors were really helpful and friendly. The contents taught in class reflect the syllabus really well and the tutors teach in such a way it makes everything so easy to understand; it is definitely worth it.

- Jex Kuo- Accepted into Auckland Medical School

Super awesome teaching that far outweigh's the lectures, great notes, worksheets and lots of fun! The environment is chilled and great for asking questions. Totally encouraged and stimulated me to study. Would highly recommend!

- Thealyssa Ng- Accepted into Auckland Medical School

The Tutors

Mr Jonathan Sheu [MEDSCI 142 - Lecture Content]

Jonathan is a fourth year student at the University of Auckland who entered medical school in 2015. He is currently taking a year to do research as part of the Bachelor of Medical Science (Honours), and will return to complete his medical degree after this. He graduated from Rangitoto College in 2013 and was a Deputy Head Boy who led many other school groups, including Amnesty International, Chinese Night committee and Alzheimers support group. Jonathan was heavily involved in event management. He initiated and coordinated a Shave for a Cure event at Rangitoto College, raising nearly $3000 in funding for leukaemia patients. He achieved a Grade 8 with Distinction in the piano and has been involved in chamber and choir music. Jonathan was a New Zealand delegate for the ANZAAS conference, travelling to Australia on a scholarship from the Royal Society of New Zealand. He was awarded the University of Auckland Scholarship in 2013, and the Postgraduate Honours Scholarship in 2016. Jonathan received top in paper for Medsci142, Biosci106 and Poplhlth111 in first year, and is a Medview Alumnus. Outside of his medical studies, he is passionate about history, science, animals and current affairs.

Ms Sarah Benfell [MEDSCI 142 - Laboratory Content]

Sarah grew up in central Auckland and is a third year medical student. She obtained a scholarship to attend King’s College and was a prefect in her final year. During her time at King’s, Sarah took Cambridge examinations and received Top in the World for Physical Education. Sarah was a member of the first XI hockey team and represented her school in the Rosemary O’brien Cup tournament. She is passionate about acting and performing and after nine years of training and hard work, she obtained a diploma in Speech and Drama. She has also had various lead roles in school musicals and drama productions. During her first year of biomedical science, she gained a perfect core GPA of 9.0. Sarah enjoys exercising, listening to music and socializing in her free time. Sarah has plenty of previous experience in tutoring and is looking forward to meeting and helping you through first year. Sarah is a MedView Alumnus.




Level 2 UUNZ Building - 76-78 Symonds Street


Our course will run every week throughout the semester. Click here for our timetable


The classes


Time: Weekly Lessons and Fortnightly Lab Tutorials start at 5:45pm Tuesdays and Thursdays
The first weekly lesson will start on Tuesday 1st of August
The first of the fortnightly lab tutorials will start Thursday 3rd of August with lab 2.

We will run special test/exam review sessions before each test or exam

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