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Medview's Testimonials

We are the best in what we do

Medview is very proud of the quality of every course that we offer and we believe that we are the best in helping you achieve your dreams of getting into medical school.

We take feedback very seriously . After each and every lesson, we always ask for feedback because that is how we improve.

Over the last 6 years we have collected tens of thousands of feedback data points, which we will display unedited. We have asked for permission for each student to display these.

The Medview workshop is extremely beneficial. It has equipped me with many skills and resources for extra preparation that I know will assist me in my interview!

- Emma [ 2nd Year MBChB ]

They taught me so many valuable skills with a focus on individuality and helped me to understand what it is like to be faced with those tough questions, and gave me the tools to form the best answer for me.

- Jack [ 2nd Year MBChB ]

2015 Testimonials:

"I cannot rave enough about the Medview Interview Workshop! After attending the course I felt much better equipped to face the interviews. The tutors are competent and approachable and their feedback invaluable. Although there will always be nerves, I gained the confidence to turn them into a positive, motivating driving force." - Julia Fu

"Medview Symposium - I found it really altruistic that the Medview team gave up their own time to help us. The information given was really helpful and made me less stressed for first year.

Medview Interview Workshop - I would definitely recommend this course as it helped me out heaps for my interview! I definitely wouldn't have answered the questions to the best of my ability without the lessons taught by the tutors. I applied various things taught to my own interview.

Biosci 107 / Medsci 142 - Howshin was a really academically capable tutor who also kept the lessons interesting. I learnt lots of little details that I would have otherwise neglected.

Pophlth 111 - Ria was an approachable and kind tutor who knew this course inside out. She was really helpful in my preparation for Test 1." - Anon (2nd year Med)

"I found Medview's courses immensely helpful throughout my pre-med year. The tutors were all exceptionally supportive and motivating. The courses were great at keeping you on track and provided a great means to see what topics needed further revision etc. The tutors were great at explaining difficult concepts in simple, relatable ways.

"I found the interview workshops particularly helpful; they gave me the confidence and experience needed to perform to my very best on the day of the interview. Oli Lyons (2nd year Med)

"Medview Interview Workshop helped me a lot during my preparation for MMI. The tutors are very friendly and knowledgeable. They assisted me in many ways and equipped me with comprehensive skills to tackle the interview. Splendid course! I would definitely recommended others to attend." - Nathaniel Li

"I found the interview session extremely helpful to build up my confidence in speaking in front of others and also in gaining a better overall understanding of the MMI process. The tutors were all very approachable and friendly, which made the whole experience quite enjoyable. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is feeling anxious about the interview or just wants to have a little practice go at it." - Manju

"The Medview Symposiums were very informative. The guest speakers really helped in giving me an idea of what could be expected throughout medical school and as a practising doctor - Heng Xun Zhang

"The symposiums and workshops provided me with much-needed confidence and tips which helped me succeed in first year biomed. - Evie Talbot

“Thanks for a great year. Super helpful! Would definitely recommend” - Fuma Naito (2nd year MBChB)

“10/10 Really enjoyed your [How-Shin’s] style of teaching [and] your effort in every tutorial lesson. Thank you so much!” - Jiani Xu

“Joined halfway in the course and I felt like it was extremely beneficial compared to ‘other’ tuition companies that are operating for premedical students this year. Thanks How-Shin. :)” - Johnson Cheuk

“You were a great tutor, thank you so much! The two hour session worked really well -- plus the extra one hour for lab! 10/10.” - Maria Cardy

“How-Shin has made medsci fun, and much easier to understand.” - Jessica Del Caprio

Your eyes, your eyes make the stars look like they’re not shining."

- Stephan Buntain (2nd Year Med) [Note - we love to have fun in our tutorials too!]

The course overall was fantastic! The “just for interest” -- “might help you remember” tricks are really useful! Thank you! :) #swag

- Sara Zinajic [Yes - our tutors have swag!]

“Tutorial was really helpful as you explained kindly [and] step by step. Thank you for everything haha [sic].” - Hyun-Ji Oh

“10/10. So helpful! Really enjoyed going! Thank you so much!” - Aiya Taylor

“Teaching methods very helpful and clear. Easy to understand and overall great tutoring. A+” - David Gabriel

“I’ve found these classes really helpful! I really liked the separate tutorial for the lab. Overall, it’s been great, it has really helped me learn more efficiently and I wish I came for lessons last semester! Thanks :)” - Clare Wu

“Really helpful to review every week. Content heavy paper [and] nice to recap. Great as you get an opportunity to ask questions. Definitely recommend, 10/10 :) I think it’s dramatically improved my results ([especially] in labs) - Vicky Francis

“Such a useful course :D Thank you How-Shin for teaching us, the notes are so informative, [especially] the classes about the labs -- super useful. Hopefully I’ll see you next year in Grafton, lol” *insert drawing of bunny rabbit* - Janice Lee

“This medsci course has been amazing! Has helped me so much. I really don’t think I would have passed without it. Thanks so much How-Shin for putting up with us every week! You are the BEST!!! -- You will be an amazing doctor. - Tegan Mincham

"“Medview was extremely great for revision. How-Shin went through the basic concepts but also the more likely and difficult aspects that most people often missed. A great help for 1st year biomed [students].” - Anon

“It’s been a really good set of tutorials. Thanks! :) 100%” - Anon

“The course MEDSCI 142 is filled with really hard content and requires a lot [of] time to understand the concept[s]. This class helped me better understand the concepts and provided me with tips on what to focus on in the tests, exams, and labs.” - Anon

The interactive teaching style of the Medview tutors was engaging and fun, helping facilitate my own personal improvement throughout the year.

- Jonathan [ 2nd Year MBChB ]

The Medview Symposiums were very informative. The guest speakers really helped in giving me an idea of what could be expected throughout medical school and as a practising doctor

- HengXun Zhang [ 2nd Year MBChB ]

“How-Shin, Thanks heaps for all the help. It has been great. Excellent job all round.” - Anon

“Medview was really helpful especially the respiratory lectures. Thank you so much.” - Anon

How-Shin has made medsci much more easy and understandable. Thank you so much. :)” - Anon

“This medsci course has been very helpful every week. I find they help me keep on track of topics and know what to continue studying.” - Anon

“You teach really well [and] it sounds like you enjoy it. It really shows. Thanks for the great tutorials!” - Anon

“The programme/tutorials I have attended at Medview were biosci 107 and medsci 142. Both were taught by How-Shin which [has] significantly improved my understanding. I really like his annotations along with his explanations as it helped me to have a better understanding and visualise the scenario. He is always up-to-date with the context and remembers what [was] mentioned by the professors which shows that he knows what he is teaching us.” - Anon

“It was very helpful. You [How-Shin] are really friendly and approachable. Thank you very much.” - Anon

“Going over graphs/harder physiology concepts and the frequent questions that appear in exams was really good. You should just leave [people] to memorize the easy anatomy for themselves. The handouts were amazing and the course was definitely worth the money. Thank you!" - Anon

“The medsci course has become less daunting due to the way you simplify concepts that are over complicated in the book by lecturers. Overall, a very good course! Thank you so much. :)” - Anon

“Good advice for emphasis on test material. More explanation on graphs -- maybe diagrams to support respiratory graphs." - Anon

THANK YOU HOW-SHIN! Course has been really helpful, I don’t think I would have gotten my grades [without] your teaching. You’ve been patient [with] us and your style of teaching is really good. 10/10 (first 10/10 I’ve given)

- Anon

Going over graphs/harder physiology concepts and the frequent questions that appear in exams was really good. [.] The handouts were amazing and the course was definitely worth the money. Thank you!

- Anon

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